November 8th, 2013

Bald Eagle

Loving All -

Some of you commented that it is not easy to love all and everyone, and in my high and mighty place, I said it is a practice.   I've been floating high this week, after a slump last week, but this week I gave a speech on "Learning to Receive" at my local Toastmasters Club, and I saw Billy Collins speak last night at Dominican College.  I got there early to avoid traffic, and enjoyed eating Chinese Chicken salad outside while watching the sun set through autumn leaves.  I love being on a college campus, and Dominican is sweetly intimate.  I walked through two lines of roses and sat in different spots designed specifically for meditation and reflection.

I woke early today and meditated.  Then, I noticed the red light on my phone was blinking. A message. Who could it be?  Well, it seems once you turn 65, which my husband did recently, you go into the data base that says "people to scam".  A voice, practiced casual, informed me that the shipping department was waiting to deliver my medical alert device that someone had ordered for me.  The device and shipping were paid for.  All was "free".  Now, if I were elderly, disoriented, confused, and listened to this and had recently fallen, or been in the hospital, or wasn't on full mental alertness, which of course I am, I might have pushed 1 and been scammed and possibly experienced Identity theft.

You probably know about this, and who presses 1 anyway these days, but I have to be honest.  In this moment, I am sending death ray thoughts out into the world to the people who prey on the elderly.  How low does one have to go to do that?