December 5th, 2013

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Jane Hirshfield

I'm taking the ferry into the city to see Jane Hirshfield speak at UCSF at this: EVENT: Poetry and the End of Life

The end of a life is not solitary: it is our shared fate, a through-passing universally experienced, witnessed, and attended. This multi-faceted evening will bring together the words and thoughts of poets, caregivers, physicians, medical educators, and hospice chaplains. The conversation will illuminate and share some of the ways art makes possible a more enlarged awareness and more intimate embrace of what has been called by novelist Henry James “the distinguished thing,” and by Zen “the Great Matter”— a transition and challenge met and faced from many directions throughout the course of every human existence.

As I've often mentioned, I greatly admire Jane Hirshfield and her poetry.  Here is a taste of her.