December 8th, 2013

Bald Eagle

A Good Day!!

We all know every day is a good day, but if you want to truly indulge in the beauty and gratitude of and for it, watch this:

Lee Lesser began and ended a Sensory Awareness workshop with this video yesterday.  Truly a gift, as was the day.   Many of you may know of Lee's work with vets from previous posts.  Here is the link if you want to uplift: and possibly contribute.

In sensing, I came in touch with tears that lay waiting from the Poetry & the End of Life Event.  It was an emotional evening, and yet we all sat so still.  In the guidance of Lee's words, I came in touch with my breath, and felt it deepen.  I am grateful for the liquid release of love.

I stayed for a wonderful dinner at Lee's.  There were five of us.  Two of the women are vets who have participated in HPW.  I am deeply touched by what they shared.  We may or may not agree with our military policy, but we are gifted with some wonderful people who serve.  I give thanks for that, along with this day and the rising light.

If you saw the setting moon last night, you know it was amazing.  May we all rise and set on this passage of moon and sun light, as we feel and honor the movement within, and the movement and connection we share.  We are truly blessed.  It is a good day.