April 7th, 2014

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Home -

When it was time for us to leave Japan for China, we arrived at the airport to learn that I needed a visa.  We had thought that was true, and I had filled out the forms but then someone we were meeting there said it was unnecessary for someone who was a tourist for less than 14 days.  Well, there are two cities you can enter in without a visa in China, and neither was Shanghai.  Also, you have to be on a tour and I wasn't, so we came on home.  It has meant five unplanned days at home rather than four of five nights in different cities in China.  I would have enjoyed China and I am happy to be home.  It rained while we were gone, so all the plants expanded, and now there is sun, sun, sun.  I'm grateful to be home, and my cats are very grateful and happy. It has been a bit of a jet-lag adjustment, but tonight I feel "normal", or as normal as I can be.   It is lovely to have energy and a reasonably clear head.