September 16th, 2014

Bald Eagle

Wilderness -

I've mentioned Orion magazine before.  The September/October issue has a wonderful piece by Terry Tempest Williams, The Glorious Indifference of Wilderness.

Here is the whole article:

I post some lines that especially touch and soothe me.

This is wilderness, to walk in silence.
This is wilderness, to calm the mind.
This is wilderness, my return to composure.

My aggression toward myself is the first war.
Wilderness is an antidote to the war within ourselves.

Wilderness is not my leisure or my recreation.  It is my sanity.

"Traditional Koyukon people live in a world that watches in a forest with eyes," writes Richard Nelson in Make Prayers to the Raven. "A person moving through nature - however wild, remote, even desolate the place may be - is truly never alone."

The Wilderness Act is the act of loving beyond ourselves, beyond our own species, beyond our own time."

Wilderness is the source of what we can imagine
and what we cannot - the tap root of consciousness.
It will survive us.