December 3rd, 2014

Bob's bird in flight


We've had thunder, lightning, and rain.  The air is alive.  How lovely to feel movement, to hear and follow where called.  Now, there is a lull.  Birds sing.

My Toastmasters club is hosting seven high school students tonight who will deliver speeches.  They were kids who were struggling with school and then "the teacher" entered their lives.  Isaias Franco inspired his students to run.  They ran a half-marathon in San Diego, and now, are planning to run one in Liverpool, England.  They are raising money by speaking about their cause.  I am excited to hear their speeches tonight.

If you are interested in following your impulses and learning more, here are some links to Running4Change.
Zach on a swing!!

And there is this -

I woke this morning and the word "impulse" popped into mind, impulse as a positive as in following what is brewing and inspiring.  Do and be what you want now.  And of course for every impulse, there is a pause, a "hmmm, what's needed now?"

I come now to these words of Pema Chodrun from her book Practicing Peace:


"In Tibetan Buddhism there’s a set of teachings for cultivating compassion called mind training, or lojong. One of the lojong teachings is, “Whichever of the two occurs, be patient.” This means if a painful situation occurs, be patient, and if a pleasant situation occurs, be patient. This is an interesting point. Usually, we jump all the time; whether it’s pain or pleasure, we want resolution. So if we’re happy and something is great, we could also be patient then, and not fill up the space, going a million miles an hour—impulse shopping, impulse talking, impulse acting out."

As with anything, balance on, and in, the middle way.  Keep both ends of your teeter-totter in the air, and play, play, play.  What a gift it is to be here.