January 6th, 2015


Breathing in the Dark

I have fair skin and have lived in Florida and San Diego.  I love the outdoors and the kiss of the sun.

What that means is that I had a Mohs procedure on my forehead in the fall, and now, yesterday, an excruciatingly painful procedure with "blue light" that requires me to now be in the dark.  The procedure will be repeated in two months.

The positives are many.  I am in my house with books, books, books, and tasks I've been meaning to get to, and in the past, I've been beckoned outside by such a day, but, no, not now, not yesterday, today, or tomorrow.   No light, so last night the joys of candlelight, and today, I have a corner where the sun doesn't hit.  We don't have blinds or curtains on our windows, so darkness is not so easy to achieve during the day, but the feel of light on my skin has made very clear the necessity of honoring the dark.

I am a glow, a rosy pink.  It actually looks like health, but the burning sensation lets me know that I am in healing mode right now, and rest and water are essential, and meanwhile all these books.  Heaven thrives in light and dark, and today, and for this week, I am softly tucked.