March 7th, 2015


Light and Dark

Yesterday I again had a skin procedure which requires me to be out of the light so I have created a nest with candlelight and I can look out the sliding glass doors into the garden because this is the North side of the house.  I feel like a candle, as my face is burned bright, and seems to be its own flame of flickering tingling and change that feels like pain.

What this allows is time to read on my Kindle which offers soft light.

I finished Dawn Prince-Hughes wonderful book, Songs of the Gorilla Nation. I could not recommend it more.  I've always felt a resonance with gorillas, have sat and communed at our local zoo and the Wild Animal Park.  This book gives a wider sense of what we might share and what we might do to ensure the survival of all beings.

I also read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.  It is fiction but also gives a fascinating account of how another person perceives this world we share.  I think over-stimulation is becoming an issue for many of us, as we navigate a world rampant with advertising.  It offers an opportunity to explore how each of us perceives.

How do we respond to over-stimulation?  What is it for the sensitive among us, and how do we use the gifts of all?

I sit here now looking out.  A bee is sipping from a rosemary flower.  I am fed.