August 21st, 2015

Bald Eagle

Honoring the Mothers!

I'm going with two friends today to Pt. Reyes.  We are going to honor our mothers.  My mother passed ten years ago, another woman's two years ago, and the third, this spring.  We just learned another friend's mother passed yesterday.

When my mother passed, I felt her in Pt. Reyes, at Pierce Point, a piece of land with the Pacific Ocean on one side, and Tomales Bay on the other.  You pass from one continental plate to the other to get to Pierce Point.  The land literally moves under your feet.

School begins now; it is that time of year.  Perhaps we all remember our first day of school,  that letting go of mother's hand.

It is a precious bond, mother and child.  We lived in the spaceship of her womb for nine months, and then, we were out and the cord was cut, and we looked around, and over the years, the cord was cut symbolically again and again.

Today is for mothers, mother earth, my mother, and yours.  Peace!
green gulch farm

Deeply touched!

We didn't make it to Point Reyes.  One friend came to my house, and we journeyed ten minutes to our friend's house which is in Muir Beach.  There,  we realized we had the ocean and we had the mothers, and we walked down to the beach from her house, and sat and honored.  We walked to the Pelican Inn and enjoyed lunch, then walked to Green Gulch Farm Zen Center and sat in the beautifully scented rose garden.  We walked back up the hill and then drove to the Mountain Home Inn for wine so we could toast, and we shared a cheese plate.  It was a perfect day. The fog was in so it wasn't crowded but it wasn't cold.

I am home now and my friend calls.  A mutual friend lost her mother on Wednesday.  Many years ago I painted on silk and cut out hearts.  They were pocket size and I gave away pocket hearts.  Many of them went to Russia with a friend who worked on reconciliation.  When my friend whose mother just died went through her mother's drawers, she came across one of my hearts.  She had given it to her mother and her mother had kept it all these years.  Her mother is now lying with my silk heart over her heart.  Her arms are folded over the heart, and her mother will be buried with my heart, my silk heart, on her heart.  Am I touched?


I am deeply touched with all we share, and the oneness that is here.  Today we kept meeting people who asked us to toast their mothers too.  I feel the mothers honored, in my heart, in all hearts, as one.