November 8th, 2015

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The Miho Museum

My friend Mirka posts this:

To celebrate my birthday my friend and I brunched at the Cliff House and then wandered the Sutro Baths.  We walked into a cave, and listened and watched as the high tide splashed in.  It was like being in a womb, hearing the heartbeat of the earth.  I am with wombs these days.  Where am I birthed, and how often?  How many times does a door open to widen our perch to be more than branch and tree?  When do we stir with the wind like leaves?  When does the straw through which we breathe melt free?
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Altitude -

I first read the title of this poem as Attitude, and then, wondered if, in this case, attitude and altitude are the same.

Altitude by Lola Ridge

I wonder
how it would be here with you,
where the wind
that has shaken off its dust in low valleys
touches one cleanly,
as with a new-washed hand
and pain
is as the remote hunger of droning things,
and anger
but a little silence
sinking into the great silence.