December 4th, 2015

blue jellyfish

December 4 - Balance!

The sky is ripening with light.

Yesterday a friend proposed a pause when life seems overwhelming, a pause, just that.  I paused, and felt the greatest love pour through me.  Love, the syrup of balance.

I am with the words from Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, the words on Joy and Sorrow.

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Today I feel myself as a boat, a rowboat on Stow Lake in San Francisco.  It is a quiet place but it does have a waterfall and a little island.  Birds line the banks.  You row under bridges.  You can also pedal.  There are pedal boats.  Perhaps we are always on a lake, balancing and rebalancing, balancing on the waves of joy and sorrow.  Sometimes we pedal our boat; sometimes we row; sometimes we pause and are still.  We allow the waves to do the work, to take us where they will. Nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Yesterday I worked hard physically, working to reconnoiter the raccoon's entry, and cleanse the area and renew and revitalize the energy.  I felt good, lifting and moving, and contemplating, and lifting and moving again.  I realize there is so much anxiety in our lives today.  A friend shared that they were unable to visit family for Thanksgiving because her young daughter is too anxious to leave the house.  They stayed home happily and enjoyed each other, but I wonder on the busyness of so many lives.  Exercise may be a trip to the gym in a car.  The gym is noisy with music and crowded.  The gym near me has a routine people do, so I see them running in circles around the parking lot, though the bay is right there with a path through and along the marsh.  You could walk to the ocean and yet people are running in circles around a parking lot.  Their faces are stern as they count the circles and count the reps when they go back inside.  What does that do to a person?  I know some love it so it is not to judge but we are having more and more incidents of road rage where I live.  Is part of it because people are in a hurry to get somewhere to exercise or relax?

For a period of time, many years ago, I didn't get in a car, just walked.  What bliss it is to walk.  Now, it seems a car is necessary, at times, to deal with tasks, though the miles on the car are low.  Minimal driving is possible for me.

Anyway, this is about balance, balance in life, balance in transport.  Notice today, and pause when you can, just pause, and stop, and receive.

May your day balance on love, the honey on which we float.