December 23rd, 2015

sea otter

Christmas Eve Eve!

I wake early, tickled by the knowing of tender, new light, and the joys of emergence.

A baby otter was born at the Monterey Bay aquarium.  The mother was wild but came in for sanctuary.  Here she is with her baby showing us the miracle of birth and loving, tender care, one being to another, over and over again.

David Whyte writes on Holiness, says perfectly what I feel these days.

The sky is blue today.  We have a break in the rain, a pause, and then more rain comes with the possibility of snow dusting our hills.
Mt. Tamalpais


We moved to Mill Valley in 1978.  Chris wasn't yet one year old, and Jeff had just turned four.

Here is a song from 1970 written by a teacher at a local elementary school:

Old Mill Park is just the same as you can see in the 2014 version:

Things have changed money-wise though.  Rita Abrams just posted this on our local Tamalpais Next Door.  It's her annual Christmas poem to her neighbors.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Marin
Folks were getting in one last workout at the gym
The children all slept in their Pottery Barn Kids beds
While visions of Range Rover danced in their heads
My partner and I had begun to canoodle
When we heard anxious whinings from our labradoodle
Away to the window I flew like a flash
But couldn’t hear much through the double-paned
The MOON on the crest of Mt. Tam was like YIKES!!
So I posted on facebook, and got 40 likes
And that’s when I saw him—that chubby old critter
So I grabbed my new iphone and logged onto Twitter
He was feeding his reindeer 8 vegan steaks—rare
That were brought out to him by our live-in au pair
Then right through the front door he knowingly strode
Having somehow obtained our security code
He laid out his gifts and two bins—what a thrill—
When he marked one “RECYCLE” (and) the other “LANDFILL”
He ate his kale chips, drained his whole green drink glass
Then looked up the chimney and said “Think I’ll pass”
We gaped as he exited—he couldn’t see us
As he packed all 8 reindeer into his new Prius
And we heard him exclaim as we watched his wheels spin
Hey Rudy ~ next year, we retire in Marin!!

Bald Eagle


I hate to complain but we just got our mail delivery.  It's 9:30 at night.  I spoke with our mail carrier yesterday.  She is working 18 hours a day.  Staff has been cut and cut, and yet, when it comes to "defense" we have plenty of money.  This seems like a joke.  Packages I should have gotten two days ago haven't arrived, and walking up to the mailbox with a flashlight at 9:30 at night seems ridiculous, and the moon is lovely, and, ... I am happy to pay taxes and i do expect something in return, like mail delivered when it's light unless I live in Alaska which I don't.

Rant over!