Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Full of Holes

A friend just posted she has organized her kitchen drawers, and she now has a drawer "with items that have holes (strainers, steamers, grater, colander)".

I never thought of it that way, items with holes.  I don't have my kitchen organized that way.  I realize I have items with holes in all different places.   I love thinking of how we each categorize, or don't.  How do we organize, or not?

In my case, I have little caches scattered all about the house and yard, sacred places where I go to renew and retreat.  Last night, I looked up at the sky from various viewing places, enjoying being outside in the mist, fog, and clouds.  I think I saw a shooting star but it could have been my imagination, or an unusual turn of the head.  I like knowing that meteors were shooting through the sky, and the night was alive with piercings, and holes.  Does the universe organize or just shoot darts in play, or both, all, one?

Though we don't view ourselves that way, we are filled with holes, or perhaps the "proper" language or image is space.

I'm still reading about John Cage and how his exploration of Buddhism influenced his musical and artistic compositions.

That has led to noticing holes and space,  which seems to have lead to a connection that allows, in this moment, past, present, and future to tone as one.

We've all heard the saying, "That argument is full of holes."

Somehow today I'm feeling that differently.  Might that be a good thing, or at least is there a place in my life for a drawer that holds things with holes?

Here is Vernor Vinge on What if the Singularity Does Not Happen?


If you're looking for a connection, there may, or may not, be one.  This morning, I lay in bed remembering my childhood as though I were on a raft floating on a river.  Now I think of Huck Finn, Mark Twain, the raft, the river, censorship, and not.  The point is, if there is one, is that I am, in this moment, balanced on peace, floating on play, loving and grateful for you and my day.

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