August 25th, 2016

Bob's bird in flight

Morning Thoughts!

My brother will start chemotherapy on Monday.

bardcat posts this: Fear & Hatred ~
600 people showed up one night this week at the old courthouse in the town where I live.
With the exception of a single voice, a Jewish woman, the three hour gathering protested the creation of a mosque and cemetery on 120 acres owned by our Muslim friends.
A Southern Baptist preacher joined the crowd and spoke of the danger of a place for Muslims to worship. Not sure the cemetery idea bothered him much.
No other clergy, if there, said a word. Reminds me of the early days of the civil rights movement.
A woman said, “We got a Muslim president eight years ago who only supports Muslims.”
A man said, “A place like this would only draw terrorists to our town.”
The undercurrent was like this: ‘The U.S. Constitution be damned. We got our Bibles we follow.’
I kindly suggest the folks in the crowd do not know the Constitution or follow the Bible.
The commission voted a six week moratorium on licenses for any religious organization while they whispered with their lawyers.

I am sobered by this. I think Trump and the Republican party have stirred up such hatred, that whether or not Hillary wins, we may not be able to be brought back together as a nation. Perhaps it is a minority that kills the dog of a family who places a pro-Hillary sign in their yard in Texas. Perhaps these are isolated cases, at least that is what I want to say to myself, but then, Jeff posts the above, and I wonder how there can be so much hatred in this country right now.

We have so much. Is that the problem? I recently read Sebastian Junger's book Tribe, On Homecoming and Belonging. Do we need war to come together, crisis? Can't we come together in peace, recognizing each one of us comes to our own conclusions, has our own needs, but ultimately we share a planet, rich and abundant enough to feed us all, educate us all, and yet, there is this fear, of what?

I am of an age where I might prefer to be clothed on the beach. Sunblock isn't great for the skin, so unless I am swimming I wear long sleeves and long pants. How is it not okay if another chooses to be clothed on the beach? How does that threaten me? I keep trying to understand, and more and more I come to knowing I need to nurture peace from within, to gently stroke the softness there, the tenderness, the vulnerability, the love. I don't want to hate. I will not hate, so it seems of late almost a conscious need to every moment, moment after moment, moment by moment, to offer blossoms to the world, a world I love, a world for which I am grateful and for which I care.

I am with the words of Rumi: There is a fountain inside of you. Don't walk around with an empty bucket.