April 11th, 2017

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It's Morning!

I've been here at Live Journal since October, 2005. I started it to keep in touch with family and friends as I went through cancer treatment. Caringbridge didn't exist at the time. The word "blog" was completely new to me. The concept was puzzling. I don't pay because I'm giving content. Hmmmm! I don't know how many times my son explained it to me. I have come to understand.

Many friends left LJ when it was bought by the Russians but I understood the servers were still here. I was also hoping for a world of peace where such a change wouldn't be an issue, but things have changed. The servers have moved to Russia and their idea of censorship is different than ours, or at least different than ours was since this last election which is quickly changing everything.

I am surprised to feel how sad it is for me to consider leaving LJ but it seems a statement my conscience needs to make. I have now set up a Dreamwidth account though even there I realize how much has changed in me, for me. It asks for my interests - music, books, movies. I love books and maybe that's enough to say. Who am I now? Do I want to be categorized when I feel myself changing day to day, moment to moment?

I haven't felt the impulse to post here very often these days. Perhaps no one will even read this. What is the identity I want for Dreamwidth? What do I want to say?

I think of the names - Live Journal - when I began, I wanted to live. Live Journal - Live Journal - I said it both ways with the I both long and short. I still want that living, but now I am invited into a new way of thinking and expanding, Dream Width. Hmmm! Both are both founded by the same people so I start to feel excitement at the change in name, at a change in locale. Who knows how quickly I'll jump but I've opened the ground for planting and so here I may come.

The question now is do I go back through what is here and delete what doesn't seem worth transferring over to LJ. They would take the whole mess, almost twelve years worth but does that make sense, and do I feel like going back through what is here, and if not, and hmmmm. My sons want me to keep it all and I am stunned at why this feels like such a big deal. I guess it reinforces my huge disappointment in this election. Seeing the dismantling of what I believe in - clean air, water, schools for all, parks, nature, the environment, literacy, courtesy, care for all beings. I suppose that's why I haven't been posting here. I am in pain.