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Compassion -

When undefined posted that he was near Dunsmuir, CA, I thought where's that, so google'd it.  From Wikipedia, I learn this:

Sites in and near Dunsmuir have been inhabited for over 5000 years.  At least three waves of early peoples swept through the area, establishing residence.  At the time of the first European-American contact in the 1820's, the site of Dunsmuir was within the range of the Okwanuchu tribe of Native Americans. Most indigenous peoples were wiped out when the U.S. Army fed them poisoned beef when they came in and signed a peace treaty.

I knew about smallpox in blankets but I didn't know about poisoned meat.

When we look at history, there is a great deal to be accountable for, and maybe now we can move with more awareness, act from a viewpoint that includes more than our own.  The Dalai Lama meditates innumerable hours each day on compassion.  May we each add our intentions to the mix.

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