Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Compassion -

I assume it is impossible to not be aware of the situation in Syria.  I carry it through my day, using it as a mantra to be peaceful in my thoughts, in my interactions.  In that, I savor the moments, grateful for each step.

I sit with these words of Osho: Meditation is a flower and compassion is its fragrance.

It's a metaphor that grounds me.  I re-read Zealot by Reza Aslan.  I highly recommend it.  First one group wipes out a mass of people and their city, and then that group comes back and does the same.  Revenge.  Is that what we need to be looking at?  What do we gain with revenge?  Where and when does it stop?  At this point in history, I think most groups have been on the receiving end of horrific treatment, as well as on the giving end, if that is what we want to call killing, burning, raping.

Somewhere it has to stop. Gandhi made a change.  It can be done.  Can it be done by a country that thrives economically by producing and selling weapons?  Probably not.  We have a horrific history in this country, but perhaps, as a people, we can demand a change of response, can begin to cultivate an image of trust, each one of us individually, until there are clusters and then there are more.

I don't have answers.  I don't know what we as a whole can do.  I keep coming back to myself.  Can I be peace in this moment, and the next?

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