Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Attune to Bubbles!

I seem to be filled with great joy these days.  It's not to say that problems don't present, but I'm meeting them differently with a new understanding of ebb and flow.

The retreat is part of this.  I've never "come down" from it, though it was over a month ago.  I am with hot, cold; hungry, full; tired, energized.  All flows.

Another piece is something that happened on Monday.  I am part of a group studying Sensory Awareness.  We have a conference call every other week. People call in from around the world, so this Monday we said our name and where we were, what city, what country, and then, described the room we were in and what was outside.  It was like a match struck.  I know in sensing we are integrating "in" and "out", but somehow describing this room, and what is outside, allowed me to see it all differently, to see it "new", and I went around the house, seeing things, really seeing them, and dusting, lifting, moving them, and making the feel of my home "new".  How is it now?

This process seems to have created a bubbling fount of joy.  I could name the difficult things that are happening with those I love, but choose not to, because, in this moment, all is well.  I feel grounded.  I have a stance that moves, a balance that see-saws.  I can listen to the troubles of good friends, and stay balanced, in a knowing that all is well, and that is how I am today.  This moment.  Now!

I walked with a beloved friend to Tennessee Valley yesterday.  We ate lunch on the beach.  She gave me a beautiful amethyst geode from her trip to Mt. Shasta.  Today I  walk with another friend, the route not yet picked.  I understand that this moment is all there is, and yet, imagine that, can you believe it, right here, the gift of another one.  Astonishing.

Recently I was driving down the road, and it was early with no one around and yet bubbles floated across my path.  Who knows what presents?

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