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held in the float

I learn from Google it is the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump.   Now that was a very brave thing to do, or foolish, depending on how you look at it, but here we are now, with a familiar acquaintance with the sky.  We hop on an airplane as we used to a bus.

Last night we enjoyed the movie Enough Said.  It is a beauty, and dedicated to "Jim", James Gandolfini, who died soon after its making.

I look out on fog this morning, the world still.  I read that the Bart strike is settled, so the commute will not be as it was yesterday.  Yesterday was odd for us because we were in stillness in Inverness, except for the movement of the tide, and a few birds, and yet, we knew anger sizzled the air as traffic was at a halt in much of the Bay area because of the strike.  Two kinds of stillness, one serene, and one not.

I continue to read "I Am Malala".  As I said, it is a tough-read.  The problems are huge.  I'm trying to move into some kind of acceptance with that, to accept movement forward and back, knowing that Malala speaks and is listened to.  She is the voice we need.  Malala valued education all her life, but fights for it even more clearly now because it was taken away.  She had to flee and leave her books behind, and much, much more, obviously, but, also, books, and what they symbolize.  

How do we deal with ignorance and fear?

I have no answers, only the knowing I need to cultivate serenity within, and so for today, my image is the parachute, lifted up in a balloon, and dropped.  I feel support in the air,  see and feel the movement of my breath.  How many parachutes can I support?  How much peace can I breathe in and out?  How deeply can I believe in the beauty of this world, and release that beauty like flowers that spread their seeds on the wind?

I ran into my friend Sara Lahey at the Book Depot yesterday.  Here is what she is doing:


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