Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Ridge -

I woke early, watching the light come to the ridge, then, drop down to the trees.

My book group met last night at Cheryl's.  She is a breast cancer surgeon.  A video has gone viral of a young woman, well, young to me, a woman of 41, dancing with her surgical team before her double mastectomy.  Cheryl is the surgeon.  She is at the end of the video, standing back, not really joining in.  She is focused on what is to come.   Her team and the "patient" are dancing to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied".

The video is joyful, and ...  tears come.  How was it when she woke?  How is it now?

My friend has now become "famous".  She is fielding numerous phone calls to be interviewed.  Meanwhile the surgeries keep coming.  She may do as many as four in a day.  I know it is about how we meet things, and I can watch this and smile and still feel sobered.  I know Cheryl is sobered.  She has a tough job, and a rewarding one, of course.

I don't usually post from Fox, but they give the whole 6 and some minutes.


We discussed the book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.  I've recommended it before.  I highly recommend you read it, though it is a tough read, and remember this is a non-fiction book. This is a journalist's look at what goes on in a slum in Mumbai, a slum right next to the airport and five star hotels. These are real people. It is sobering.  The consensus in the group seemed to be that there was no hope for these people, and yet, I felt the author summed up at the end saying improvements are happening; change is occurring.

Is there a connection in this?  Simply that I hold tenderness for this world we share.

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