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I have been gradually gathering provisions for Thanksgiving dinner, but, even so, today required trips to two different grocery stores.  My intention was to enjoy the lines, and I did.  I said to one woman who had been looking at the toxic display of check-out papers, and then put them down in disgust, what a difference it might make if Thomas Paine's Common Sense was offered for our perusal as we waited.  She agreed and got all excited, and when I saw her at the next store we both went to, she said she had shared the idea with the woman in line behind her.  Let's all read Common Sense, and propose offerings from Pema Chodrun, Jack Kornfield and others as we wait in line.  I think it would change the atmosphere of the store, and gift us all, and give the "famous" some peace.

Home, after arranging flowers, I came to an email where a friend shared her poem.  Oh, my.  I'm filled.

It is a time for poetry, isn't it?

What comes through each of us now?

I think I will ask my family members to bring a poem to our table on Thursday, one they've written or found.  We usually listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.  Perhaps we could augment that with poems read aloud.

I bought firewood today and a woman said I was optimistic.  Today is a "spare the air" day, so no fires, but there is a 20% chance of rain on Thanksgiving and if it happens, that means a possible fire.  Olay!

Fire or not, we will be warm with Autumn gifts.

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