Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


There is a moisture in the air today.  The deck is wet.  What has been so difficult with this lack of rain is the dryness of the air.  We are used to fog and dew, but perhaps all the rain dances, visualization, and prayers are beginning to take effect.  This lack of rain is serious.  The hills are brown.  Something doesn't feel right.  This is not the desert.  We have redwood trees that need moisture to support their shallow roots.  I note though that the pussy willows are popping out at Tennessee Valley, so the willows are in the right place to partake of the vanishing stream.

The positive in this is awareness.  I have bowls in the sinks, and buckets in the shower.  I carry water from the bowls outside to water my plants, and we flush with the shower water.  There is something quite lovely about gratitude for each drop, and though this is not like women carrying water from wells, I understand with deeper intensity the preciousness of this beautiful resource.

May these changing weather patterns allow us to come together as a planet to share what is so vital to our health.


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