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Run and balance with love -

My sons have been talking about the book, Born to Run, A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen by Christopher McCougall.   I kept putting off reading it until I was in the Friends of the Library book store and saw a hard-cover copy for $6.00.  Who could resist?  Not I.

The book is fantastic on many levels.  It is well-written and introduces us to a cast of characters who seem super-human, and are "real". Reading it after seeing Cirque du Soleil where people do amazing physical feats, I am inspired on what is possible.

McCougall writes of how we are meant to run, and how far we can run, when we honor the beauty and sensitivity of our feet, and when we run properly, when we don't fall for the Nike advertising and promotion of "supportive" shoes.  We used to run for miles, catching animals when they tired.  We have wonderful lungs and pumps.  All can be ease when we allow, and in that allowing, and reveling in our desire, we run, run for the joy of it, run with a smile.

The book is inspiring on doing whatever we do with love and a smile.  It is also about connection, and care for others.  We can't achieve at the levels he writes about by thinking only of ourselves. There is a reverence to our gifts and how and what we share.  This book is about generosity of spirit.

One reason I was so excited about going to Cirque du Soleil was I had seen the video of Sanddornbalance, and knew this was part of the show.  I couldn't imagine this kind of concentration with an audience, but all was still.  Two women sat on the stage as though to anchor the focus and balance the awareness of collective breath.  Here is one version.  If you are intrigued, as I am, there are others on-line.


Feel your feet today, that wonderful play of sensitivity, and reception, and never buy another pair of Nike shoes, or any "performance-enhancing" shoe.  Have fun.  Enjoy agility.  We are made to play.  Find a feather.  Keep it aloft with your breath, and thank your lungs.

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