Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The book is now available on Kindle.

The Kindle version of Love Letters to My Daughters-in-Law is now up on Amazon.  That said, in my opinion, it doesn't come across as well on Kindle as it does in book form.  I love my Kindle but I see now for certain books, especially poetry or those with unusual spacing, it may not work as well in electronic form.

My intention with this book is spaciousness, spaciousness in ourselves and spaciousness in relationship.

Therefore, the formatting in the hard copy of the book is intentionally spacious.

There is space on the page and space between pages.  In contrast, Kindle puts an X on a blank page, and moves things right along.  It feels scrunched to me, and less effective.

I like space around my words.  I like to offer or encourage time to look around, and reflect.   Where are you taken?  Where are you now?

My Kindle travels everywhere with me, and is here with me now.  I love it, and I realize I prefer my book on paper from trees, maybe because I talk about trees a great deal in the book.  Maybe I like the feeling that ink is sinking into trees in a way I chose and choose, and yet, here I am typing to you, no ink, no trees.  Hmmm!

We are in San Francisco for the night.  We are celebrating 28 years of Steve's business with his business partner and his partner's wife.  The business started in our basement, and has done well, and it's lovely to be in the city on a warm March day and night.

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