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Listening -

This morning was my sensory awareness conference call.  The two leaders were brilliant, and as one person said, led with "skill and tenderness".  It is impossible to share the experience, but I will try to give a taste.  The book that anchors our work this year is Pema Chodrun's Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change.

Vanessa asked us to listen to words as she offered them, each word given time and space -

ease - holding - alert - stay - rhythm - stillness.

What was my response?

Ease - yes -

I felt holding behind my eyes.  I responded to "alert" by sitting up to attention.  I felt like a dog must feel when she said "stay".  How could I be so "controlled" by words, by sound?  I felt rhythm in stillness.  Amazing rhythm in stillness.

She then read the following from Pema's book.

"Whatever is heard with the ears is the echo of emptiness, yet real."

"Hearing, along with our other perceptions, is also a doorway to sacred world. Whatever we hear is the echo, the sound, of emptiness, of awakened energy, ungraspable yet audible. It's also the "clear and distinct utterance of the guru" - the voice of the teacher. If someone is talking to us, even when we don't like what they're saying, that's not just some ordinary schmuck nattering on. It's the voice of the teacher, the sound of emptiness, of awakened energy manifesting. If a raven outside our window is piercing our eardrums with its raucous cry, that's the sound of awakened energy, the voice of the teacher waking us up."

"Awakened energy manifesting" - I am struck, like a bell, with these words.

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