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Touch -

bobby1933 posted yesterday on touch, and the power of a rosary, prayer beads, or worry beads to "ground" us and bring us a sense of peace.

When I came to Rosen Method I learned to use touch to contact the unconscious.  I became aware of the breath as the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.  I came to sensory awareness before that, and was in awe at the power of feeling something deeply within, and recognizing how that could connect me more deeply with others and my surroundings.



I am intrigued with touch, nourished, nurtured.

Isn't that why we love to dig in the soil, to feel what nourishes and nurtures there? We cut flowers and bring them into our home, stroke petals and stem.

I have been listening to silence - allowing myself to listen more deeply for, and to be more receptive to, sound.  That, too, is touch, touch of vibration, touch of waves.  I woke this morning and went outside to greet the light.

It is the equinox, light and dark balanced more equally.  I have been in a place of retreat, nourishing in darkness. Now, today, I reach for the light, like the leaves unfurling and the flowers stretching.  All seems to be growing right before my eyes.  I am touched with excitement balanced with peace, two hands held open to offer and receive.  I am grateful to know touch, to be able to feel movement, and breath, and to feel and honor each of us, as we stretch and hold hands with connection's bold dare to reach, feed, and be.

To ease.

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