Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Coming home -

When I first saw the property where I now live it was the summer of 1978.  I knew it was home.  My husband and I had both moved often as children and expected that to continue, but we have not been able to leave this place.  Prices go up and down, and when they're up, we discuss how it would be wise to sell, and we don't, and this morning, I lay in bed, the windows and doors open and I listened to birds, and inhaled scent, and now, I look out on a redwood tree and an oak, all so green and vibrant with spring and rain, and I think I may never leave.

Away from home, I am present, and I feel the vibration of different gods if that is a term one might use for how one integrates what one meets.  In Japan, I felt the Shinto gods, the gods of nature, wind, fire, water, earth.  I felt the modern god of Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet train that ties cities together like orchids on a stem.

And yet this is my place.  I knew I needed to go to the beach yesterday to fully return.  The tide was the lowest I've seen.  A woman was enchanted by a glowing creature caught under a rock in a tide pool, bioluminescence.  She was taking pictures, told me of the wrong turn they had taken that led them to this beach, and now, this.  Bioluminescence, a glowing.  Was that how I appeared in Japan, or is it here that I glow, here, caught in the perceived safety of my own creation merged with what I know, home?

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