Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Rain and Connection!

I'm thrilled that it's raining.  This morning, I went to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park to see the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit which I loved.  I visited The Fairy House, and the Rose Garden.  Now, I'm home ready to make stew.  It's that kind of day, a nurturing sort of day, a day of a multitude of colors, especially greens.

Last night I learned that someone I met here through someone in GA was a good friend of someone we both knew.  We were both at her memorial service and had no idea until last night.  What are the odds, one might say, and yet, here we are, connected in a myriad of ways.

I am with two quotes today.

Rumi -

When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you.

A Joy.

Viktor Frankl -

                  Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

To the connections that reveal in the allowing of reach, the cultivation of choice, the stretching of space.
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