Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Summer Light

This morning I watched the sun touch the ridge, then, move its light down.  I wondered how it felt to the plants and animals, this awakening touch of warmth.  I thought of butterfly wings, and how they lift and drop the air.

I was reminded of visits to the Academy of Science, and watching the pendulum swing, and knock pegs down.  The earth turns, and in that turning, light shifts, and shadows form and dissipate.

My younger son Chris and I are taking a road trip to Yellowstone.  I am excited to know him as an adult, to have this time together to talk and bond in new ways.  I am also excited to see Yellowstone, land of the Continental Divide, geysers, elk, wolves, and bears.

What a place to connect the eons of our lives.

A friend was lamenting the antics of her 24 year old son.  I pointed out just as when they are two and in the midst of no, no, no's, our children have to separate, have to pull away.  We want them to find their own way, and then, there is return, each changed.

I look forward to this trip, expansion of time and space.

Meanwhile, I am here, enjoying the travel of sun, as it nests in my cells, awakening like baby birds, a need for food and rest.  I nourish on movement that taps.  Tender, I open what comes.
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