Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


This morning is one of those mornings that takes one's breath away.  I rose early and went outside to meditate.  The words from Wendell Berry's wonderful poem, The Peace of Wild Things, came to mind.  Then Panhala brought me his poem, No going Back.  I sit this morning with both.

I feel transition stirring within.  How do we honor what we've learned and done, and know when to assimilate and move on?

Last night I learned about this website.  http://charlesballinger.com

You might want to check out: Assault of the Evening News.  You also might not make it all the way through.  Yes, assault.

Check out his art:


I think of involvement, of how we each step in, and out, do the hokey-pokey with ourselves and our circles, how we honor ripples, and revel in flow.  I sit now, this morning, stimulated with peace and wild things.  I enjoyed dinner last night with two friends.  They are enchanted with stories of my yard.  A doe lives in one corner, looks in the windows, communes with us and our cats.  Our cats are friends with a skunk and a raccoon that look in the sliding glass door hoping for a treat.  One night the door was left open, and the raccoon came in and enjoyed quite a feast.  A bird flew into the living room and must have hit the window.  It lay breathing, but stunned.  Our cat Bella sat with it until we carried it outside, and it recuperated enough to fly away.

The peace of wild things.

We each enclose a piece of the wild.  How do we place our piece in this puzzle we share?

How do we bring peace to limbs and core?  How do we center peace in what surrounds?
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