Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Evening -

The days are shorter now, dark at nine.  I enjoyed my sensory awareness workshop at Fort Mason in SF today.  Richard, the leader, requested we look back into our memories and remember when we felt present, when we felt our senses alert, awake and alive.  Water is what came to me, memories of water, and then, trees.  A profound time for me was when we lived on the Mississippi River.  There was a stand of trees on one side of our land, what seemed like a forest to me at the time.  I was 10 and 11.  There was an island in the river where we lived, so the river froze over and we could walk or ice skate over.  My memories are of time alone in nature, time going to the island, time with trees.

A woman who was there shared that she grew up in Germany, and was raised on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.  She said she was frightened of the forest, frightened of trees, frightened of being alone in nature.  I sit with that tonight, with how we are each raised differently, and find comfort in different ways.  I love the desert, but I also love and need water and trees.  I nourish on the ocean, rivers and lakes.

Today I listened to a woman singing at the Farmer's Market.  One song she sang was Norwegian Wood.  I am 25% Norwegian, and today, I could feel myself as tree.  Norwegian wood, and German, English, and Scottish too.

What memories come to you?

Lean back into times when you felt safe, when you felt free, when you felt the joy of oneness in being awake.

What stirs in you now?  What dreams?  What wakes?

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