Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Super - Harvest Moon -

Yesterday I watched a hummingbird sip nectar from every flower on one bush.  I felt the light and weather shift toward fall.

We went to Sausalito last night to watch the rising of the moon.  I always love the Harvest Moon, and this one being Super, was even more inspiring, even more deeply felt as it seemed to rise so quickly, though I know it was our turning that made it seem so.  Few were watching which surprised me.  As it rose, the light pranced toward me on the water.  Is that why we often feel "special"? It seems as though the light comes just to us.

I felt the moon rising in me as I watched, felt so blessed to live on a planet with such beauty and motion.

I rarely follow social news but this with Ray Rice is the top news story and hard to ignore.  I stopped watching football when I saw a documentary on the health issues with football players, the impact of the concussions and knee, back, and neck injuries.  I was raised on football.  I grew up in Iowa, went to UCLA back when O.J. was playing for USC.  I have been to Rose Bowl games and Super Bowl games, and then, I stopped.

Now it seems the NFL would like more female watchers, so they have decided to address the issue of domestic violence.

And here again I stop, because I don't know what to say.  Janay Rice defends her husband.  Whatever we may think of that, and I offer no comment, but certainly it is tragic for a family to see their life so quickly ruined.  On the other hand, when is that possibility not true for each of us.  We never know.  The punch and subsequent hitting of Janey's head on the rail could have killed her.  Is this the better result?

Football players are inspired to go out on the field and hit as hard as they possibly can.  They walk off the field after a game, hurt.  Yes, they are financially compensated, and yes, there is a thrill to having so many people cheering what you do.  It is a way out of poverty for many.  And they are stars.  They are held to a higher standard because people follow them.  They are placed "above" the rest, and that can mean a harder fall.  

The argument as I see it right now is how to save face for those who make money off of football.  In addition, it appears people want football.  The Bay area has a new stadium.  Of course, the average family can't afford to go to a game, but they can watch on television and be inundated by commercials.  Anyway, I am with contrast today.  It can be thrilling to watch the moon rise, and if people are paying attention, no one is hurt.

Could this incident signal an end to football, to violent sports?  Could it wake us up to look around, to look within, to feel the majesty of living on a planet that spins?  I think of John Lennon's words to the song "Imagine".  Perhaps for today, each of us can do just that, imagine a world where no one hits, and no one is hit.  Just for a moment, just for the time it take for the moon's lid to appear and lift.

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