Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A Pollyanna Day!

This morning I walked over to my neighbor's house.  They are away and she suggested I partake of her roses, careful to cut above a five leaf branch, so they may bloom again.  I cut as the moon was in the sky.  I wanted to catch the dew.

Squirrels are chirping outside my window and I keep an eye out so they don't hop inside.  A deer lives in my yard, and lately we are realizing that the three raccoons, one opossum, and a skunk seem to be friends.  They also seem to be friends with our cats.  A bird flew into our house.  Our cat stayed with it until it could be carried outside, where it rested and flew away.

Is this Shangri La?  Sometimes I think so.  We have a third of an acre of paradise.  As people have fenced in their yards, and cultivated them, it seems the animals come here.  I am graced.

A friend invited me to a meditation workshop she is offering - no fee - no donation - just offering.  It is Sunday mornings when I meet with my Sensory Awareness group, though this weekend is a family weekend.  We gather to celebrate the birthday of my oldest forty years ago.

And I'm not kidding on the squirrel coming in.  He/she is right here, gathering acorns from the oak.
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