Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Energy of Warmth

There is a different energy that enters me these warm Autumn days and nights.  I sit out with the moon and stars.  I moved my meditation cushion outdoors to meditate with birds and squirrels.  There is movement in the air, even as all is still.  I pruned and fertilized early today.

A friend said I must read Donald Hall's book, String Too Short to be Saved.  It arrived today and I opened to these words.

A man was cleaning the attic of an old house in New England and he found a box which was full of tiny pieces of string. On the lid of the box there was an inscription in an old hand: "String too short to be saved."

It feels like a Zen koan.  I reflect.

I am also with the grace of two books.  Both, I highly recommend.

Anthony Doerr: All the Light We Cannot See.

Jeff Blake: More Travels on Grace Street: A Sequel to Travels on Grace Street.

It is a time to honor these travels we share, and all we do not see
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