Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

"Love Everybody"

Yesterday afternoon I saw a film at the Mill Valley Film Festival that I hope goes into wide distribution.  It was "Dying to Know: Ram Dass and Timothy Leary".  At the end, they Skyped with Ram Dass who waved and spoke, and said over and over again, "I love you" and "Love everybody".

He said ego may get in the way, judgment, and still, "Love everybody".  I woke this morning with that mantra in my heart.  It was so easy to rise, water the plants, feed the kitties, honor the skunk, and feel Love, Love, Love.

The movie is beautiful, an arrow to the heart.  The work Ram Dass has done with the dying is affirming, and both men show how we can choose our path on how we transition when our time comes.
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