Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Appreciation Day!

I'm realizing I don't compliment enough, here, or in person. I am declaring, for myself,  today, and other days, Appreciation Day.

I think we assume people know what they mean to us.  Maybe we assume we know what we mean to ourselves.

I will begin with myself. I appreciate you Cathy.  And then move outward.  I appreciate each of you, who reads this, and I appreciate those who know me through you.  I appreciate how we connect, how my brain drops into particles to read what is here, and waves outwards on jellyfish tentacles to touch, perhaps sting, and connect.

We don't know how what we say affects another.  We don't know how another perceives our words, and whether or not they touch, or not, but I think this idea of community is valid, especially when we honor ebb and flow.

Even with the groups I am in, where we meet in person, I experience ebb and flow.  Sometimes I feel connected, and other times I don't, but when I stick with it, well, then, a breakthrough may come, a melting into knowing what has meaning for me.

For today, I appreciate LJ and those of you who are here with me, this moment, this day.

I wave flower petals of appreciation for you, and me, today.   Thank you for being here with me, this moment, this day.

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