Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A wishbone in the sky -

Today I come to the computer with its email demands for money so this upcoming election will go the way I want.  The situation is dire, according to the emails, as it has been since Obama became president, and before, but the demands are even more strident as we near the election.  I pause to look at the sky and a pink cloud wishbone stands there.  Ah, breath comes in.  I feel the earth under my feet, allow breath all the way through.

We know this election is important, but I think email has allowed appeals for money to come in such a way that it's hard to differentiate true peril.  I'm sure we all would love to see election reform, and, tragically that doesn't appear to be happening.

Meanwhile the pink wishbone has been absorbed into the sky.

For my birthday, the family gathered in a house by the ocean.   We sat with ocean spray, saw whales, pelicans, seals, explored tide pools, and came into the rhythm of light and dark, water and waves.  It's hard to adjust "back" and I'm still there in one way, still seeing and being with anemone, hermit crabs and limpets, while watching whales breach and seals bob up and down.

In my Toastmasters Club, we dress for Halloween, so tonight I will be a "sea maiden" with a tiara I got for 27 cents at our local Mt. Carmel Salvage Shop and a blue cape with a white top so a breaking wave, and my jellyfish earrings and a wand.  A wand in my hand and a wishbone in the sky.  May all our wishes come true this beautiful October day.

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