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Blessings -

Someone just asked why I haven't been posting.  I have felt myself lately like a rock in a tumbler, my edges being smoothed.  I have also felt myself taken apart to breathe in ways I never knew before.

How does one speak of that?

I was just on a conference call - 16 of us gather to speak from around the world.  We were talking today about how to speak about sensory awareness.  I found myself remembering Robert Bly say that to write about "snow" one must know every incarnation of snow, and then, that comes through when you use the word in a poem.

I have been with connection lately and support.  I love to feel and honor the support of the air, but more and more I feel how essential it is to honor the connection and support of those around us.  I suppose they are the same.  Air moves through me and and air moves through you.  We connect on air.  We connect on breath.

Life has been busier for me than ever before, or perhaps it is that I'm meeting it differently, so that I am so aware of the fullness of each moment that sometimes I simply stop in awe.  The sun comes up and appears to move around us and then it sets and darkness brings us stars or sometimes just a blanket in which to settle.  I feel both wrapped and expanded.  I am aware of movement, and breath.

We are coming up on Thanskgiving and holidays of gratitude, sharing, honoring of grace and peace.  Sometimes I feel so touched by the blessings of life, I can barely speak.

This is also a tough time of year for me in that memories surface.  I began chemotherapy this day 9 years ago today.  I began the Monday before Thanksgiving.  My niece was very sick two years ago.  I think my stomach lining softens with memory and gratitude.

I am very involved in Toastmasters these days.  I will give a short speech on Wednesday.  Perhaps I will place it here as an explanation of my tenderness right now, my need to honor these words of Carl Perkins and Willie Nelson.

Carl Perkins - "If it weren't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song."

Willie Nelson says that when he sings in front of an audience, when all together they are in tune, that is meditation.  He says, "It's like the eye of a hurricane.  I'm connected to everything."

I honor the words of E.M. Forster, "Only connect", knowing that I am connected and it is for me to notice, honor, and give thanks.  Blessings to all this day, every day, for blessings in the many ways we touch and honor how we connect.

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