Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


Today I've watched clouds.  I'm into watching the sky.  Last night I saw a meteor, and today, a shifting and re-arranging of clouds.  Today was a cleansing.  I woke at 3 AM, realizing I've eaten so many rich foods, I needed a day to allow digestion a rest, so a little cereal, a banana, yogurt.  Enough.

Steve cut my hair outside on the deck.  Our neighbor came over.  We viewed our lights and decorations.  Tonight, a fire.

We returned from Jeff and Jan's, and now, nothing to do - nowhere to go - a deep inner peace, and soon we'll put a match to the wood in the fireplace - well-dried wood - wood that's been waiting for this cold winter night.  I'm reading a book on the dark, on savoring the night, and the day, too, is precious as we weave being to form both day and night, light and dark.  I'm tender today, tender in the soft light, grateful and tender, and aware of the gentle journey of cultivating peace.
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