Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The second day of this new year -

Reveling ignites reverence.  I am entranced with this day.  Birds are singing and dancing outside my window.  The light invites.  I am especially aware of light because I just finished reading Acquainted with the Night by Christopher Dewdney.  It is quite a journey through the hours of darkness and night.  I am finding balance in honoring both, light and dark.

This morning I opened the book Living in the Light, to Shakti Gawain's meditation on "getting a sense in your body of how the energy of one of your main personality characteristics or primary selves feel".  I love peace, so felt the warm, renewing energy of peace.  I like that place of peace.  Ah, but there is a shadow side for each of us, so then it was to imagine or invite an opposite energy.  Hmmm!  Fascinating!

She then asks "What would be the positive benefits of developing more ability to contact that energy?  How could that bring more balance into your life?"

She continues: "See if you can feel a balance of both of these energies at the same time.  For example, if you are an outgoing person, you might balance that with a quieter, more introspective energy.  If you are hardworking, you might balance that with the energy of relaxation or playfulness."

Yesterday, I advised a friend on a letter she had written informing the staff where she works of her resignation.  I critiqued it rather harshly, but this morning, as I examined, or allowed a different energy to flow through, I could feel and see how what she'd written was exactly right for her.  Though I thought I had been neutral in my advice, it was my "slant".

You might want to play with this, this inviting of different energies or personality traits to flow through.  It is the second day of this new year.  The number 2 seems balanced to me.  See how the numeral curves one way, then, swoops down to the other side, and then, levels out.  You might want to play with riding the curves of two, and finding balance in riding the waves of the opposites.  When I did this, I had the image of Wendy in Peter Pan flying out the window to a different kind of land.

Happy Second Day of this New Year!!

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