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Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and I'm sure we all read many inspiring quotes on non-violence and coming together in peace.  I've written before of my friend Lee's work with vets.  This last weekend she gathered with a group of women vets she has been working with using meditation, sensory awareness, and time in the outdoors to help them heal.  These are women who saw combat; some have been wounded and raped, often raped by a superior officer so nothing was done about it, not that there is anything that could heal those wounds.

This weekend the women vets gathered and wrote on paper what they wanted to release.  A ritual fire was lit in which to burn the paper, and symbolize release.  The fire popped as wood will do, and some of the women rushed from the room thinking the pops were gun shots.  The fire was put out.  I sit here now with the trauma our vets have experienced and yet movies come out glorifying war.

I have wanted to write something about this, and seem only to come to tears.   One of my friends, Vanessa, is a vet, and she said millions of dollars have been spent to make the movie American Sniper.  Where she lives yesterday that movie was sold out all day, and yet the theaters showing Selma were half-empty.  We choose what to watch.  We choose what to believe.

Vanessa works hard to raise money to fund programs to help women vets, and it is an uphill battle, and yet again, we continue to spend money on war, and to create an "enemy" when we have so many people, both men and women, who need to deal with PTSD.

Again, I suggest if you want a cause to support, this is it:


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