Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Release -

I write with my friend Jane each morning.  Her mother was placed in hospice this weekend, and the prognosis is two weeks to live.  She is 96, so it isn't as though there hasn't been awareness that death was in the air, but it always seems to be in the future.  Jane and I spoke this morning about how we meet death.  We both attended an evening where poems were read on meeting death, and we have written many poems of our own, and yet, in this moment, I sit here, feeling there are no words for death.  The tissues release; we release, and what might be said is perhaps said, or revealed, in a language we have yet to uncover and learn.

I have a candle lit and look out on fog hiding the ridge, and revealing softly the green of trees.

What comes?

Ah, something comes.

Connection to Source

Until this moment, I didn’t know

I was like a cormorant with metal or string

tied around my throat

so I could not swallow

the fish I captured until the fisherman

took the catch

and let the ring go

Now that cultural catch, that ring

dissolves in meditation for myself

full movement in the throat

allowing me to capture my own thought

rising up from seas within -

I nourish free of cultural ties

that make an other, so rulers can rule

dishonoring a rhythm where animals

feed, niche, nourish

and exchange,

life and death -

knowing connects

original seeds  

the ring released

breathe, breathed


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