Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

words of Li-Young Lee

Li-Young Lee:

"There is only ever one subject when you are writing a poem. Most human sounds are made with the out-going breath. ... When we breathe in, we feel comfortable. We can breathe in almost indefinitely. ... A poem is a score for human speech. All poems are done with the dying breath. ... A poem is a score for our dying. That's the subject - the dying breath ... and how do you ransom the dying breath. ... Hopefully as you die and exhale your poem, hopefully, someone else is inhaling."

"All art is Yogic. It yokes us ... to experience the reality. ... We have huge deep spaces inside of us. ... poetry is a way to inflect that silence. ... That body of silence is huge. ... The mission of poetry is to give us back our solitude. "

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