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My power has been on and off, mainly off, for two nights, and part of the last three days. It has been fascinating to experience silence, darkness, and cold, as I light candles, and sit entranced with the boldness, and sometimes, reserve of their flickering light.  It is a huge shift in one's being to not be able to go to the computer, to not be able to heat food or make coffee.  One morning I walked down to the bay for coffee.  Night is easy - red wine, cheese, and crackers.  What more does one need?  And here, I invite you to smile.  Life is good.

A friend said to me to explore the inner light, and I have.  Ah, what discovery there, what invitation, and exploration.  Beckon.  Come forth.

I was surprised this morning when Joan Chittester wrote of the dark as a place we might get lost, as a place without bearings.  For me, it is a place to find myself.  My eyes get used to dark, and my ears to hearing only the wind.  When the lights come back on, I'm startled. I can't go to the computer, can't check in with FB,  or even here.  I have felt suspended, or perhaps immersed in different worlds.  I've been on retreat, oh, is that the right word, as it is not retreat, but instead, advance.  I've advanced to hike inside.  Adventure invites when we pause to feel within.  My nervous system celebrates, whirls.

This comes today from gratefulness.org.

Monday, Feb. 9
People are like stained glass windows: They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

It may be hard to sit in darkness when all works.  Here I am this morning starting to return to routine, or what I perceive as routine.  I participated in a writing workshop yesterday, well, more than that, really, an exploration of who we really are.  The "teacher" emphasized the Nautilus shell, as how we form, born with four chambers, expanding in a spiral.  She suggests we need inner and outer structure to write, and I agree, and I also find myself with dissolution.  I am the butterfly, held in a cocoon, that place between crawling and flight.   What comes now as I welcome and beckon change in all it forms.  What comes, and there is wealth in not knowing; there is excitement, and thrill.

My sensory awareness group is in Barra de Navidad, Mexico right now.  I didn't go because I have been dealing with various medical procedures, but we are connected by email.  Today's sharing is about offering our speech - words offered - offering.

I feel warmed in that this morning, heart an altar, an offering hearth.  I am warmed by my own heart, and all the hearts we share, as truly we all are one.   Blessings abound as we welcome transition, and celebrate light and dark.  
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