Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A Visit to the Forest, Perhaps?

This quote is by Ajahn Jayasaro, and is from the "Forest Path," 1999.

"The forest is not quiet but it is tranquil, and it is teaching you the laws of nature all the time. The things you see around you are just natural phenomena. You're surrounded by birth, aging, sickness and death - arising and passing away in the most raw and obvious forms. As you reflect on those principles internally, your contemplations find a resonance outside of you. The phases of the moon, dawn and dusk, the play of heat and cold, the whole natural environment attains a heightened profundity, because they express the nature of things you're investigating internally. You feel a sense of harmony and a seamless unity between the inner and the outer."

Ah, such peace in these words, and the sound of rain tonight.

Blessings abound,

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