Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


I know many places are dealing with blossoms of snow, but here we are delighting in blossoms of plum.  Pink and white floats everywhere.  Yesterday I walked over to a nearby park.  A father was shaking blossoms on his two young children who shrieked with glee.  It is easy to feel sap rise in the blood on days like these.

I have been with this quote:

“You are so wise," the reindeer said, “you can bind the winds of the world in a single strand.”

                               H. C. Andersen, “The Snow Queen”

I can't stop thinking of binding the winds in a single strand.  I'm also starting to understand that obstacles are linked to an agenda.  When I release on expectation, I experience flow.

The news seems more than I can take these days.  I tip-toe gently in, and scurry quickly out.  The water is cold, and stirred with agitation.  Where is rest?

I honor meeting what soars my soul.

The moon last night - oh, my, enough, and now, today, birds are singing, and blossoms are lights in trees.   This moment may seen like retreat, ah, re-treat - treat myself again and again.

This moment, where inner and outer meet, is, right now, more than enough, for me.


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