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My friend Mirka has a wonderful blog which I highly recommend.  Today she writes about simplicity in art.  Revel in today's post and, if you feel beckoned, which I did, others that follow.  In continuing I came to her post on Australian Aboriginal art.  She is writing about being affected by art.  This is from her blog: http://exploringtheheartofit.weebly.com

Mirka Knaster:

Similarly palpable was an experience of the embodied connection Australian aboriginal artists have to the ancient land of their people, during my visit to the Royal Academy in London, October 2013. It was as though waves of energy were emanating from the artworks and penetrating my body. Just standing in that gallery brought on such powerful sensations, I was convinced that the artists' spirits had permeated the air around me. One British critic wrote that the indigenous pieces were "infused with ancestral magic."

Her post reminded me of when I saw Australian Aboriginal art at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  I was deeply touched, affected, changed.  I felt myself swirling in something ancient and known.

This video might help explain that:


And here is more: http://www.jeffreymoosegallery.com/exhibit/gallery/99_10.html
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