Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Knowing Enough -

How do we know the weight of enough, the movement of air through bones, the weight of vision on eyes and toes?

How much can we hold?  How much can we let go?

I am going to offer you some words.  I invite you to feel how they land, in you, on you, through you.

This is a moment of my life.  How am I offering myself to it right now?

How do I allow myself to be touched by what draws my interest now?

What inner doorways do I notice? What's involved in push and pull?

What lets breathing move through?

How do I live with spaciousness amidst limitation, monitoring the news, expectation, tasks?

How do I meet opening and closing a door at the same time?

If you are interested, I invited to do an experiment. Go to a door. Face it. Place one hand on the doorknob, and one hand on the door. Turn the knob. Savor the turning of the knob, just turning. Then, when you are ready, pull to open with the hand on the doorknob as you push against the door to keep it closed. What happens?

For me, there was a discovery, that I can use the push-pull as a lever, as a way to propel myself forward when I'm ready, and when I'm not, I can balance on rest, on the pulse of a door held, embraced. I am welcomed to the "enoughness" of what I am able to explore.

I am grateful for my ability to explore and play with what is enough for me, right now, this moment, and the next.

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