Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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The News -

Baltimore and Nepal.  We have the ability to change what happened in Baltimore.  It’s different in Nepal.  We can’t control an earthquake, though it seems fracking in this country is creating earthquakes, so yes, we can move the earth, but, there in Nepal is a movement that affects us all, and how do we respond?

I look at the photos of Kathmandu and remember when I was there over twenty years ago.  I think of the people.  It was a learning for me.  In the mountains we watched a young girl dance.  No one knew her age.  Birthdays weren’t celebrated.  Here, they’ve gotten more and more elaborate.  There, all seemed more of a collective.  Boys held hands and tumbled and played. There was connection, honoring of connection, inter-connectedness, community.  It was a shock to me, raised to such individualism, and raised to believe, at the time, in some kind of independence.  I was there with two other women.  We arrived and departed at different times on different planes. That was unimaginable to the people there, and of course, it was 22 years ago, and yet, as I look at the photos, much seems little changed.

I sit here now, asking myself how we meet, how I meet, what comes.  There are things we can change.  We can, and have, changed, and will continue to do so, and sometimes, an earthquake comes, and the world responds.  We recognize our vulnerability.  We shake with change.

When I was in Nepal, I felt the ground as stable.  I walked with lightness in response to what felt firm.  At altitude, the air is light, but the ground - those mountains rising - the uplift of eyes - and the feet, so cared for, so essential as transport, and now the ground moves there to shake us all, to shake us to recognize, interdependence on this globe we share.


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