Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Mother's Day -

Such a different day when one's mother has passed, such a place of Joy, I suppose, if joy contains both happiness and sorrow.  I savor now this morning, the "day after",  a blessed day.  We gathered for a picnic, and I arrived first.  I sat on a dock and tears flowed as I felt how deeply I miss my mother.  I spoke with one son on the phone as he drove toward the picnic spot, and I cried.  Two young men came onto the dock with a small dog who was frightened of the bounce and the water.  They said the dog was not brave.  I said, "I am not brave either," and they confided they weren't brave either.  We may have used the word courage, not brave, but it was shared and honest intimacy, and when they left, more tears.

When my other son arrived, I held his hand as we walked to explore the lake, and said, "I feel like a little girl missing her mommy." We talked about how no matter what, that little person is still there.  I was honored with three other mothers of the day, four mothers in all, ranging in age from 30's to 90's.  We laughed and ate, and shared.  It was a blessed day, and the lining of my heart is refreshed in its trampoline hold and bounce of joy.

On Saturday we went out on an 83 foot "tall ship" and sailed around San Francisco bay.  It is a boat used to educate children.  The biologist gathered plankton from the sea as we sailed, and we looked at plankton under the microscope.  She spoke of the "invisible forest".   It was an exquisite day.

Today I am still rocking back and forth, still rocked, cradled in the deepest joys of connection, research, education, teaching, inspiration, sharing, and love.

If you are interested in the tall ship now being built by volunteers so 1 million children can learn on it as 1 million children have learned on the ship we were on, click here:


Donations are appreciated.

I sit here, deeply grateful, as this day begins.  

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